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Julie Spira has had more than 9 lives. As a serial entrepreneur, she was an early adopter of the Internet and served as an executive of several communications companies. She is a bestselling author, dating and relationship expert, media personality, social media expert and netiquette expert. Julie is the author of upcoming release, The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Manners on the Web.

Cell Phone Netiquette – Are You Breaking the Rules?

Netiquette Rules for Cell Phones

You see it everyday. People are driving while texting or walking down the street attached to their mobile phones. In our latest video on the rules of netiquette, you’ll learn 6 essential tips for cell phone etiquette to help you communicate safely and appropriately. At the end of the digital day, remember the following: Never…

The Girl Scouts of USA and Today’s Netiquette

Girl Scouts of America

It’s a Happy 100th Anniversary for the Girl Scouts of America, who announced that 2012 is officially The Year of the Girl. This week, March 12-16, 2012 is Girl Scout Week. In honor of their centennial  anniversary and as part of my annual tradition, I purchased a box of thin mint chocolate cookies from the…

Should Facebook Add Deceased as a Relationship Status Option?


Facebook has widened their popular relationship status choices to include “In an open relationship,” “In a civil union,” and “In a domestic partnership.” As one of the most popular features on the social networking site, friends enjoy commenting on each step in your personal life with digital enthusiasm. So what happens to a Facebook profile…

Respecting Netiquette on National eMail Week

email netiquette

In honor of National email week, we posted some Dos and Don’ts on our Facebook page, and received many comments on the pet peeves from our readers. It’s reported that over 100 trillion emails were sent last year on the public Internet. Whether you use Hotmail, Google, MacMail, AOL, or other Internet service providers, many…

Netiquette Rules for Personal and Business [video]

The Rules of Netiquette on NBC News

Don’t be a Digital Victim on April Fool’s Day

Don't be an April Fool

Thinking of pulling a digital prank on a friend on Facebook or Twitter this year? Possibly breaking up with your beau in a text message? Going to fake quitting your job today? As much as I enjoy humor any day of the week and a harmless prank, think twice before posting your prank on the…

Why Twitter is Essential for Your Business


Netiquette Expert and author Julie Spira with Lisa Johnson Mandell on This Week in Careers. Find out why Twitter is essential for your business and the Rule of Netiquette for Twitter. We’d love it if you’d Like us on Facebook and share your netiquette stories.

The Rules of Netiquette for Email

This Weeek in Careers

Watch The Rules of Netiquette author Julie Spira with Lisa Johnson Mandell, host of This Week in Careers talking about email etiquette for job seekers. For more netiquette tips, like us at

Pope Benedict Blesses Netiquette

Pope Benedict XVI

Netiquette made the news this week in a big way as Pope Benedict XVI officially embraced netiquette and encouraged Christians to participate positively in social networking sites. The 83-year old Pontiff’s message for the Catholic Church’s World Day of Communications included one of my Top 10 Rules of Netiquette — the Authenticity Rule. The Pope…

The Rules of Netiquette: Minding Your Virtual Manners

NBC News

  Watch author Julie Spira talk about The Rules of Netiquette on NBC News in New York.