Meet Julie


Julie Spira


Julie Spira has had more than nine lives and was an early adopter of the Internet.

She’s a cyber-relations and netiquette expert, serial entrepreneur, and has always been on the leading edge of technology.

Julie’s book, The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Manners on the Web, focuses on both the personal and business sides of social networking and Internet etiquette. The Rules of Netiquette will teach readers about the best Internet etiquette tips for social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogs, email and texting netiquette. From birth announcements to Facebook breakups, texting to poking, and acronyms to mobile, as a netiquette expert, Spira covers it all in her book.

Julie has been quoted and featured in/on ABC News, BBC, CBS, CNET, CNN, Cosmo Radio, Elle magazine, FOX, Glamour, Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, MSN, The New York Times, NBC News, PC World, Psychology Today, Redbook, USA Weekend magazine, WIRED, Woman’s Day, Your Tango, and Zoosk with her social networking, relationship and netiquette advice. Julie writes about the marriage of love and technology on The Huffington Post.



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