Rules of Netiquette

The Rules of NetiquetteNetiquette is defined as Network Etiquette, or simply put, the way you properly communicate online.

In the ever-changing digital landscape, the Rules of Netiquette are a core part of being successful both in business and in matters of the heart.

Here are 5 Rules of Netiquette for Smart Etiquette on the Internet

1. No text is worth dying for. It’s critical to point out that some states have made it illegal to use your mobile phone without a headset. If you’re texting while driving, you’ll get a ticket.

2. Your mobile phone isn’t an accessory. While on a date or in a business meeting,  it’s not polite nor smart to place it on the table. Save your tweets and texts for later.

3. S.P.A.M. is a four-letter word. Facebook is a terrific place to expand your social and business network and brag about your accomplishments. Send a private message instead of posting your latest promotion on the walls of your friends, or you may find yourself de-friended in a New York minute.

4. Be careful before you push the send button. If your emails are worth forwarding, they are worth sending. It should go without saying that you shouldn’t send an email when you are upset, but many do.  When in doubt, don’t. Send the email to yourself and revisit it the next day. Proof-read your emails for punctuation and accuracy, as you can’t take them back.

5. Use acronyms sparingly. We all know what RSVP and FAQ stands for, but not everyone knows the meaning of ROTFL and BTDT. Avoid using acronyms in business correspondence or with those you don’t know. Not everyone’s vocabulary fits into 140 characters or less.

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